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How I roam with Blundstone

How I roam with Blundstone

Sponsored by Zappos 

Walnut Blundstones  from Iconic Series 

Walnut Blundstones from Iconic Series 

Everyone needs a good pair of boots. Blundstone has stood the test of time, keeping people adventuring in style and comfort since the 1800s. Dress them up, dress them down; they’re super versatile and most importantly, incredibly comfortable. This is pretty essential for me due to my dodgy ex-ballet dancer knees!

I’ve explored, I’ve hiked, I’ve boogied in my Blundstones! Zappos online shopping site gave me a pair of from the Dress Series (Redwood) and a more classic pair from the Iconic 500 series (Walnut) to play with.

I’d never used Zappos before but when you order on Wednesday at 11am and there's a package sitting on your doorstep the next day before midday, you can’t help but be incredibly impressed! The size guide was also so accurate I didn’t even need to take advantage of their 365 day returns policy. The boots are featured below in snaps of some recent LA adventuring! 

Venice beach has become a sort of sanctuary for me this year. I go there to recalibrate and get away from the hustle and bustle of LA. I sat right at the end of the pier and looked out to the horizon. The monotony of the calm waves, the salty sea breeze and the sounds of the ocean are recipe for calm and tranquility. 

Redwood Blundstones  from Dress Series 

Redwood Blundstones from Dress Series 

On my way back to shore a quirky chica rocking rave buns and roller blades called out to me asking where I got my boots from! Blundstone success story numero uno!!! 


I paired my boots with comfortable overalls, black sheer knee highs for a bit of extra flare and a cozy blanket to shelter me from the crisp ocean breeze.

These boots were made for walking. As the sun was setting we wandered the infamous Marina Del Rey canals. Over the bridges and far away, making our way through the canals at dusk. I will never get over the sunsets In LA. The sky painted pastel. A beautiful way to end an adventure day.

IMG_0455 3.JPG

It was so fun teaming up with the Zappos team and showing you #HowIRoam in my Blundstones! Check out the range of styles from Zappos here! You'll be boot scootin' in your new boots in less than 12 hours wooooo! 

IMG_0454 3.JPG

Oh, also .... the boots are seriously fab on dance floors ps.  You’re all well aware that I spend most of my time there! Dance ALL NIGHT with sturdy grip and supported ankles …definite vibe! They’ll be my Aussie summer music festival boot of choice for sure. 

Much love! 



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