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MNDFL Meditation

MNDFL Meditation

MNDFL is a meditation house very fittingly situated in three locations across one of the busiest cities in the world. New York City. At MNDFL their space is your space. Owners, Lodro Rinzler and Ellie Burrows have created a space with the intention of sharing. MDNFL works to trigger all the senses of the body to provide a holistic mind, body and soul experience.

Candles | Books | Tea | Lounging area ... all at your disposal! 

Candles | Books | Tea | Lounging area ... all at your disposal! 

Walking in, you feel instantly at home. New comers are immediately welcomed into the space and given a little tour and explanation of the MNDFL ethos, immediately putting any nerves and feelings of intimidation at ease. ‘Support’ is the feeling that stuck with me. I felt like I belonged, and looking around I knew everyone in the room felt the same. People from all walks of life under one roof but all connected through a common desire for spiritual education.

MNDFL is more than just a meditation space. It works as a hub for creative support and collaboration. Every aspect of the business works to support their creative and entrepreneurial friends. The scent of the space was created by Ellies’ friend at 12:29 Scent, the flowers that adorn the building are by Petal By Pedal, the stunning living wall hanging by Artisan Moss, the complimentary tea supplied by Rishi Organic Tea, the art and photography hanging, and the music playing are all created by people they’re passionate about and want to support. I find this business model very inspiring as I share this desire . The desire to support my friends in their creative endevours however and whenever I can! There is power in numbers. Team work makes the dream work. Fact. 

Private meditation room open to anyone wanted to have some private time. 

Private meditation room open to anyone wanted to have some private time. 

The MNDFL mission is for all participants to live more productive, peaceful lives and become a new wave of open-hearted and compassionate human beings. It’s important to note that this is no mamby-pamby bullshit. All instructors use techniques that have stood the test of time. Traditional techniques that have been around for thousands of years providing tranquility to humans all over the world for centuries. 

My session with Megan

In Megan’s session we explored the idea that you are responsible for your emotions and other people are responsible for theirs. So … in a nutshell you are 100% in control of how you feel. Nobody can force you feel a certain way. In turn, you cannot force others to feel the way you want them to either.

Megan gave a small talk explaining the psychology behind this idea. Then it was time to dive in. She began the practice by bringing us to calm. A cycle of long deep breaths and visual cues and stimulus to coax our minds into peace, focus and stillness. After a time, she walked us through an exercise to help the mind lean into the aforementioned way of thinking. We used a mantra.  

“I am in control of my own emotions. Other people are in control of theirs.”

On a deep in-hale we would simply imagine or say the words: “I am in control of my own emotions.”

On a slow exhale: “Other people are in control of theirs.”

After five minutes of this I felt my emotions coming to a bubble inside my belly. It kind of came out of know where and surprised me. 

She said to slowly try to identify each emotion you felt. Guilt, for example. On the inhale, "I am in control of my own emotions" Acknowledge it. Accept it. Feel it.

On the exhale, "other people are responsible for theirs" Let it go. Relieve yourself from it.

My eyes began to water and I smiled. With each breath a new insight and new understanding of myself,  those around me and how we connect and influence each other. 

What I took away

The aim is to not give anyone the power to pull you away from your internal compass. Your compass is being driven by your instinct. Your instincts are with you from birth and they are your truth. They are constantly navigating you through this voyage of life providing you with this truth. At times, our minds and other peoples influences or opinions encourage us to make decisions and having feelings which pull us away from our compass. I’m learning how to trust that internal navigator more than anything or anyone else. Not letting peoples actions or words influence me to stray from it. It always wants what’s right for me. Don’t doubt it.  

Knowing those external factors actually do not have the power to do that is the first step! The next step, is simply removing yourself from being in orbit of those things that are trying to steer your internal navigator off course. To be clear, I still think it's super important to ask for advice and gather information and opinions from other sources and other minds. That is how you make educated and informed decisions and how you learn to see things from other perspectives. All i'm saying is always check back in with you. I'm still learning how to trust myself fully and likely will be working at it for my whole life! MNDFL put a spotlight on this part of me that I was neglecting so thank you Megan! 

Living wall piece by  Artisan Moss

Living wall piece by Artisan Moss

No matter how familiar you are with meditation, If you ever find yourself in NYC pop into one of the MNDFL locations and check it out! Click here to explore the MNDFL website for yourself! 

My first session was with Meghan and it had a profound impact on me. I wrote a full piece about my relationship with meditation thus far in my life and my experience in Meghans session. Click here if you feel like taking a trip inside my mind. 

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