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Hotel Escondido

Hotel Escondido

Puerto Escondido. A beach paradise! Pulling up to Hotel Escondido we were greeted by three humble men with gracious smiles. That moment set the tone for the entire stay. The main communal building and private villas of Hotel Escondido encased in the native flora and fauna of the Puerto Escondido seaside. Natural, unassuming and simply perfect. There’s no need to build something grossly extravagant when nature is that perfect! As we continued venturing deeper into the open aired space we were lead out to the stunning infinity pool right on the beach. The sound of the crashing 10 foot waves would be a sweet relief from the usual traffic hum back home. The deck was furnished with beautifully curated poolside amenities. Hammocks, deckchairs, lounges and coffee tables. Each person in our party meandered through the communal space in ore, taking in the incredible surroundings. We had definitely found ourselves a little peace on earth!

The Vibe

After settling into our villas we congregated on the deck to enjoy our first sunny afternoon by the pool. Everyone picked a spot on the deck to make a little home for the day. The hotels aesthetic, the natural habitat we were engulfed in, the kind natured patrons and staff created a calm energy that allowed all stresses to fall away and birth a kind of clarity I hadn’t felt in a long time.

The Food

Hotel Escondidos produce reminded my taste buds of what food should taste like. Having grown up in the era of mass production and large scale farming and supply; it’s inevitable the quality and integrity of what we put in our bodies is some what compromisedThe tomatos, avocados, seasonal fruits literally bursting with flavor and a richness that made you savor every single bite. One thing I’ll never forget was the yoghurt (super random I know!). At home I don’t eat a lot of yoghurt but here it tasted so heavenly fresh and homemade. Smooth, silky and perfectly minimal. Every meal was made to order, they catered for every dietary requirement and every craving. You felt the love and care that went into preparing your meal from farm to table. Fresh juices and coffee every morning and incredible cocktails!

I also tried my first Spicy Tamarind margarita ... a local favourite! Beautiful burnt orange in colour, it’s similar to a traditional margarita but shaken with Tamarind spice. Rather than a common salt rimmed glass they use a Tajin spice mix. This is traditionally a mix of chili, dehydrated lime and salt. This became our groups go to drink! Scrumptious! (Im nursing one in the left hand snap above!)

The Great Escape

Antonio. My hero. We met Antonio that first walk we had through the dining area when we’d just arrived at the Hotel. Antonio is nothing short of an angel. So caring, a hospitality guru and oozing the kindest energy. After our first few days he offered to take us on a private walk to a secret lookout spot to watch the sunset. Of course we all hopped right on board and pushed our luck by requesting a bottle of vino to enjoy when we reached the top. We arranged to meet at 5:30pm at the pool to embark on the great adventure. We reconvened with backpacks, walking shoes, cameras and an innocent childlike excitement. Antonio came with beers for the wild ones and a backpack with the vino and carefully packed glasses. Hi-ho, Hi-ho, off to sunset we go!

A long walk down the beach. Sand between our toes, the crashing waves and the cool ocean breeze.  Then time for the hike. We began our journey up the mountain venturing deeper into the wild, untouched fauna. The trees and twigs were dehydrated and brown but then the beautiful green Cactai would shine through and remind me of the wonder of low maintenance living. A careful reminder to never forget how little we actually NEED to survive and flourish. Antonio then lead us through a clearing onto the top of the rocky mountain. There is was. Mother nature at the magic hour. A collective deep breath. Everyone letting go of any final twinge of stress or doubt hiding within us.

All we have is this moment right now. BE HERE! Not anywhere else. Just be (I find this incredibly hard but I’m working on it!) It was a remarkably cathartic experience that until I lived it I hadn’t realized how much my mind, body and soul was pining for. Antonio lead me to the that moment and it’s definitely one I won’t forget. Thank you Antonio and Hotel Escondido for an experience that has left me with life long memories and a deep appreciation for Mexico.

Love nature. 

Love nature. 

Seriously though Mexico is a must! Next Mexican city on my list is Tulum! 

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