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Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas

While I was in NYC I had the pleasure of meeting the Joanna Vargas team and indulging in their world famous treatments. Joanna's products and services work to provide real results by teaming strictly plant-based ingredients with her passion for science and technology.

The lovely Julie at the NYC salon was going to look after me and boy was she a treat. The first thing that struck me was her passion for her craft and Joanna's vision. Being an actress, facials are part of my routine, I always ask questions and seek advice about the process and what I can do to better care for my skin. I knew immediately Julie was passionate about what she does, she knew more about the process, its benefits and the intricacies of skin care than anyone i'd ever met. 

Signature Triple Crown Facial

The Triple Crown Facial is their signature service adored by many familiar faces including my favourite Julianna Moore!!!!!! It involves a three step process using standard toning, cleansing, exfoliating procedures - along with some of Joanna's signature technological processes that include (these are a mouthful) microcurrent technology, microdermabrasion and oxygen infusion. What on earth is that you ask? I didn’t know either but my skincare angel Julie explained everything as we went and now I shall do my best to explain to you! 

Microcurrent therapy: literally like taking your face muscles to the gym to do a workout. It stimulates them using little currents to tighten and lift.

Microdermabrasion: Removes dead skin to rejouvenate and allow for a deep clean of the skin. I’ve had this done before and it literally felt like I’d tortured my skin. Red and just super unnecessarily harsh – especially for young skin. Julie assured me she'd perform a light exfoliation that removed dead skin and nothing more. Perfect.

Oxygen infusion: A machine that pumps oxygen and an ultra hydrating serum packed with vitamins and minerals deep into your pores.  

After this three step treatment I cannot tell you how clean, bright and hydrated my skin felt and looked. It wasn't tortured it was nourished. No redness or aggravation. I was filming 3 days later and there was a part of me that worried about those usual post facial break-outs. They never came! Myself and my friends saw a huge immediate improvement in the look of my skin and that healthy glow stuck around for a good 6 weeks. 

LED Light Therapy Bed

After the facial Julie let me know I was going to be treated to the ‘power nap’ 20min session in the LED light bed. 

The infarred light activates the bodies natural cell rejuvenating healing systems. It stimulates cell turnover therefore boosting the bodies cell repairing processes. This is ideal for anti-aging, scar treatments and general body repair. My 20 minute session was also pretty fun ... I lay completely naked in a bed, quiet room with no technology or disturbances. Heaven!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Joanna's products, services and salons click here to give her website a visit. Also check out her instagram for more info :) Joanna Vargas currently has two salon locations; NYC and LA. Products are available world wide!

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