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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Living in Milsons Point I’ve driven, rode and walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge  countless times. Even though crossing it is a regular occurrence for me It’s never lost it’s magic. It’s such a beautiful iconic structure and the views even from the causeway are stunning. After living in Sydney all our lives, my not so little sister Harriet and I finally saw Sydney from the summit.

We climbed at 8:55am on a particularly soggy summers day. No amount of rain was going to dampen our spirits. You’re asked to arrive 15 min early to check in and get started for the climb. It was such an easy and straightforward process. Staff were super friendly and engaging and in no time we were getting geared up to begin our journey to the top.

Bianca was our guide and she was divine. She explained everything we were going to experience up there so we felt prepared and safe. After we were fully kitted up and had our belts strapped on complete with radios headphones, raincoats, beanies, and a thermal jacket it was time for a test run. We were taken through an indoor course of the ladders so we knew exactly what to expect. Then it was time to do it for real.

As we began climbing the arch of the bridge Bianca talked us through the history of the bridge and gave structural information about its design and build. It was absolutely incredible to be walking up the structure looking out over the beams and picturing all those men back in the 20's who were up there building this great structure with nothing holding them onto the bridge but the soles of their boots. In this day of technology and machinery it was pretty humbling to think that humans put that bridge together bit by bit over 8 years. Each rivet expertly secured by human hands. We were walking up steps but you could walk on the actual steel of the bridge to feel what it was like for those men to walk up that steep structure. Pretty amazing.

Then we were at the second checkpoint. Now … at this point it started to rain. We got out our raincoats, took a few snaps then it was onward and upward to 10 meter flags that mark the summit!

As we walked the wind got stronger and the rain heavier. I kind of expected that I wouldn’t enjoy the experience if it was wet but it honestly didn’t bother us at all! Made it more adventurous if anything!

As soon as we reached the top “My Island Home” by Christine Anu popped into my head. Yup, I’m as clicheé as they come. Harriet and I had a good sing and boogie in the rain at the top of the bridge then it was time to make the journey back down to the ground.


As you can see, we had an absolute ball. 

I highly recommend this as a fun gift or outing! I would LOVE to do it again …. Perhaps at dawn or even a night climb. Bianca said the city looks magic at night from up there at night!

Click here to visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge website where you can get more information about the climbs!

Peace + Love

Isabel Xx

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