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One thing I've learnt on my journey so far, is often we look for the answers everywhere else but within ourselves. 

Do you ever wonder how it would feel to completely unplug for 4 days and legitimately getaway? Yes that means no phone, boomerangs, instagram, snapchat, WIFI, apple watch, headphones, tinder, mario people still play that? Caroline Jones has, and she's sharing her sweet relief from the world in the form of a "Restival". Restival is a festival like no other.  Restival offers a chance to remove yourself from the noise, connect with your intuition and see what it shares with you. Myself and my best friend Dena are attending Joshua Tree Restival May 3-6 and you can too! We are SO excited so here’s a little about what it’s all about and why I chose to become part of the 2018 RESTIVAL community. 



The worldwide conundrum; so much to do, so little time. I’ve found myself over the last few years feeling suffocated by the possibilities. I want to do and share so much but can’t seem to get things done in a time that satisfies me. As I start to move forward I feel this unstabilizing flame of self-doubt and stress licking at my heels. Ignoring it and quickening my pace only fuels the fire and it burns stronger, igniting a sense of fear and anxiety.

What I’ve learnt in the last few years is how to anticipate the flame. Pausing, turning around to acknowledge it and actually DOING something to get it under control is the key. It seems counter intuitive for those feeling the stress of deadlines to take an hour to reset (cooking, meditation, gardening, do a yoga class, see the sunset, or have a boogie), but for me I’ve realised it is the medicine.  I experience the benefits of these small acts of unplugging weekly. If just 1 hour can completely turn around my day, I can't wait to see what effect 4 days dedicated to this practice will have on my state of mind.


Restival is a "choose your own adventure" kind of festival. Nothing is a must. You could sit and read your book, write letters to loved ones, or take yourself on a hike but here are a few of the activities you can choose to fill your day with. 

1. Healthy nutritious meals throughout the day. Breakie with bullet proof coffee and teas, 2 course lunch, 3 course dinner and wine tasting for the wild ones! 

2. Sunrise and Sunset yoga workshops to ground yourself and connect with your body and mind.

3. Soundbath meditations and somatic sound healings to feel the bliss and drop into a deeper state of calm. They are AMAZING! 

4. Creative workshops awakening your inner child and the expressionist within you! Workshops are led by the resident artists on the Restival team. I cannot wait to paint, take photos and write! Honestly cannot remember the last time I painted! 

5. Navajo led workshops to learn all about the ground we stand on and their culture. Navajo peacemaking workshops,  Native American botanicals and plant based healing workshops,  and learn about their knowledge of the land and sky. I'm really excited about this as America is my home now and I feel blessed to be able to learn about this place from original custodians of the land. 

6. Future Self workshops led by my hero Peter Oppermann. I've been attending his meditation classes in LA for about a year and they have had an invaluable impact on my life. They've helped me find calm, clarity in my goals and action in my ambition. Future self helped a dream of mine I was drowning in actually come to life. THIS BLOG!  I can't wait to dive into a journey with Peter and my future self over 4 days and see what I discover. 

4. Evenings full of fun and community with movie nights, drum circles, live performances, star gazing, indigenous tales by the campfire and DANCING!!!! 

One thing I've learnt on my journey so far, is often we look for the answers everywhere else but within ourselves. I can't wait to remove myself from the noise, connect with my intuition and see what it shares with me. I'm so excited to create space for reflection, to meet new people and hear about their journeys, and just to live and learn. I'll share my experiences with you. I promise! 

If you're interested in joining me and the Restival family click here to check out the Glamping passes AND day passes! Hope to see you there! 

Peace + Love


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